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ABS Low Profile Oil Drain Pan Spout


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Low Profile Oil Drain Pan Spout by SMA

This oil drain pan is ideal for home garage use or professional auto shop use. The oil drain pan’s capacity allows user to drain multiple engines before having to empty for recycling or waste. Low profile design for easy maneuverability.
Reduce the mess and cleanup required when changing the fluids on your motorcycle
This reusable Drain Pan is designed specifically for use with low vehicles
Low-profile design fits easily under standard height and lowered motorcycles, and slips beneath the bike even when on the side stand
Will capture two engine oil changes or the complete drain fluids (engine oil, primary and transmission) from one motorcycle
Large enough to catch the oil from the entire length of the primary, and is sized to hold and drain an inverted primary cover
Convenient carrying handle simplifies transport
*Material: ABS
*Dimensions: 26.8″x15.7″x2.8″
Package included

1x Oil Drain Pan

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 69 × 41 × 8 cm

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